Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dollar Days Sale and a Giveaway!!

I am becoming desperate for warmer weather and in need of some SPRING!  In hopes of some warm weather this weekend, I have decided to lift spirits with a DOLLAR DAYS sale!!

It all starts tomorrow and you will definitely want to check in Friday AND Saturday.  Friday will be all math products.  Saturday will be all reading products!
I have broken up my Number Sense Pack into small portions and each one will be on sale for only $1 all day tomorrow.  You can check them out now and add them to your wish list so you will be ready!!

Number Sense: Addition, Subtraction, Tally MarksNumber Sense: Addition, Subtraction, MoneyNumber Sense: Addition, Subtraction, Place ValueNumber Sense: Money, Place Value and more!

Saturday, I will be making all of my phoneme segmentation packs $1.  Be sure to check these out. I just recently added my spring one to my series!  It will definitely make you wish for warm weather.

Phoneme Segmenting - SpringPhoneme Segmenting - Pack 1

 and more!

Sunday, I will have everything in more store 20% off.  So if there is something you are looking for that wasn't for $1, you can pick it up for much cheaper on Sunday.  I have decoding strategy packs, spot and jot packs, newsletters, everything you could imagine!!
Chunky Monkey Flip Flaps - Short A Word Families

Spring Spot and Jot - Fry Words 1-100

Newsletter Template - Seasonal Backgrounds

Plus, I am hosting a giveaway!  Who doesn't like a giveaway?  This is a PIN IT TO WIN IT Giveaway!  That means you get an entry for every item that you pin.  What do you win?  It is your choice of any item from my store under $10.  Please make sure that each pin is for a different item from my store.  It does not have to be the item that you would like to win.

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Have you seen these pencil sharpeners?

I am sure that by now you have seen these amazing pencil sharpeners, but I am here to let you know that all the "buzz" is true!!  I have been hearing about these across blogs, Pinterest, Facebook... everywhere.  I wanted so badly to try one and see if it really was all of the hype.  I had my trusty electric pencil sharpener, did I really need this one?  The answer is YES YES YES!!

This is what our school provides us:

As I am sure that you know, these do not work!  Yet, the kids are always obsessed with it?  How is that?  They eat up the pencils and half of the time, only one side of the pencil is actually sharpened.

As a result, I went out and purchased this bad boy!

I have always loved this pencil sharpener.  It is fast, always sharpens pencils well, and is durable.  The downfall, it is super expensive.  Since it is so expensive and I don't want the motor to die, I do not allow my students to use it.  That means that every morning I have to stand by the pencil sharpener and sharpen pencils for all 25 of my kids.  This is not my idea of fun, especially when I am collecting money and notes, organizing lunch counts, answering phone calls, etc.

Well, not any more!!  I picked up this fabulous pencil sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies.  This is a teacher owned company so you know it has to work!  They have sharpeners available in so many different colors and they are only $25!

This is a pencil sharpener that my students can work and it gets pencils sharper than any electric sharpener I have owned! 

Here is how it works, in 3 EASY STEPS:

1. Squeeze the black knobs and pull out.

 2.  Squeeze the black knobs and put the pencil in.  When you release the black knobs it will grip the pencil for you.  The kids don't have to hold the pencil!

3. As you sharpen, it goes back in.  When it goes all the way back in, your pencil is done!!  A great visual for students!

I also love how small and compact it is.  It will fit anywhere without taking up all of the space that an electric pencil sharpener does!

Be sure to head over and check out these pencil sharpeners.  They truly are worth it!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Snow Day Number 17

I am home again today....snow day number 17.

I am back to share with you another freebie for my Read Across our Blogs Freebie Linky.

Today's freebie is a sample of a very popular item in my store. It is my hidden pictures for alphabet recognition.  I have these available in capital letters, lower case letters, and number recognition.  You can check them out by clicking the picture below:

Today, I am giving you the letter B as my gift to you!  You can pick it up here:

Thanks for joining me today!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

100th Day and Read Across our Blogs

We finally had our 100th day of school.  It was actually last week, but I am just now getting around to sharing!  

Each year, for the 100th day I try to find something new and fun to do with my kids.  This year, I stuck with my new favorite 100th day hats and we topped it off with my something new, Superhero capes.

When we make our hats, I like to have my students put 100 things that they have learned on their hats, specifically:
        -10 sight words
        -10 spelling words
        -10 addition facts
        -10 subtraction facts
        -10 ten frames
        -10 science and social studies words
        -10 friends I have made
        -10 stories I have read
        -10 words to describe me
        -ways to make 10 cents
These are all a part of my I am 100 Days Smarter Pack!  You can grab it for free at my store.
Check out some of our fun pictures of us making our hats!


Some of our finished products!

This year, I added a fun project: Super Hero Capes!  I picked up this pack from Mrs. Miner's Monkey Business.  It turned out to be so worth the money!  My kids absolutely loved this project and showing off their capes.  I was truly impressed with the turnout with this family project.

 Check out our fun capes!

We had so many creative ideas:
 Googley eye'd monsters                            Pom Poms

 Foamy Stickers

 Stickers and Tattoos

Buttons and more!

We had a great time parading through the school showing off how smart we are!  If you make these capes, I recommend using box tape to put your items on so that they stay. ;)

I am also prepared to give you another fun reading freebie for our Read Across our Blogs Linky. 

Today's freebie is a sample of my nonsense word hidden picture packs. I have two of these available in my store.

The freebie I am sharing with you will only be free for a limited time so be sure to pick it up now. Just click on the picture below!

Click on the linkys below to find more freebies!!