Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"Time" for some Fun!

Wow, I think this has been my best time unit yet!  Time is not one of my favorite units to teach.  I feel like it is still such an abstract concept for my firsties.  But thanks to all of you out there in "blog land" and "pinterest world" I have come up with so many more great ideas for this year.

First up, we tried the hula hoop clocks.  We made one together on the board and then I had the kiddos work on creating their own in groups.  They put together their clocks and then I called out several times for them to make.  After we practiced this for awhile, I had the groups quiz each other using their clocks.  One student in the group would create a time, while another would write the time on their white board.  Then they would switch so that everyone could have a turn.  The kids really enjoyed it!

Then we practiced putting our times in order. I created this activity to help my students practice not only telling time, but being able to put them into order according to the day.  This is a great intro to discussing elapsed time too!  The kids were put into groups with a stack of time cards (I made digital and analog).  There were four times on each card.  The kids had their recording sheet in their dry erase envelopes.  They each picked up a card and had to draw their times on their recording sheet, but also put them in order.  It was great to see which students knew that 1:00 comes before 1:30!  We also discussed how much time had passed between each time on their chart.  I think the kids really had fun with it!


You can pick up our time ordering activity here!


We also played Time Scoot.  I created this game with a set of digital clocks and a set of analog clocks.  We ended up  using the analog clocks as a write the room activity!  I put the clocks around the room and the kids got to get up and find each of the clocks and record their answers.

 We used the digital set as the normal time scoot game! 


Grab your copy here!


Lots of fun!

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