Sunday, January 13, 2013

Chunky Monkey

Here is the next decoding strategy.  It is the chunky monkey.  I think this one is my students' favorite!  This strategy is teaching students how to chunk sounds. I created several different activities to go with this activity since there are so many different ways that a student can chunk sounds.  In the first activity, students have to find the small word inside of the big words.  The next activity includes different chunks of sounds (onsets and rimes) that students can cut out and use to build words.  Then I have several different activities in which students cut apart the words to make chunks.  There is one for compound words, one for onsets and rimes, and one for syllables.  The students cut apart the words to make chunks of sounds and then practice putting them back together.



  1. Hi Jessica,
    I found your blog through Heather's Heart. I was a first grade teacher before I became a reading specialist. So I have a soft spot for first grade :)
    I'm new to blogging just like you. Following you now...looking forward to visiting again soon! the decoding strategies activities you posted!

    Read with Me ABC

  2. Thank you so much for following! I just recently got my Master's degree in Reading so that is my forte!