Wednesday, February 6, 2013

100th Day of School!

So today was finally our 100th day of school!  After several snow days, we weren't sure if it was ever going to get here! haha

So, as promised, I said I would let you know how our 100 day hats went.  In my earlier post I gave you the template for my 100 day hats.  I got the original idea from pinterest (of course!) and I added to it! I wanted the kids to show that they actually WERE 100 days smarter.

On each strip of paper the kids had to write 10 things that they had learned.  For example, one strip was 10 addition facts.  Another was 10 sight words.  In the end, they had 100 things they had learned!  The kids LOVED this!  And to my amazement, it was almost completely an independent project! WOW!  That is a difficult thing for first graders!

I don't know how your 100th day goes, but it is almost as big as Christmas in our school.  The kids came in WIRED!  When I gave them their hats, they all got so quiet you could have heard a pin drop! haha  They were concentrating so hard.  It was too cute!

Here are some pictures of our final projects!  Please excuse the rectangles...have to keep their privacy.

 And of course we wrote about what it would be like if we were 100 years old!  And thanks to pinterest, I found a fun new way to do it.

Of course, we did SO much more, but it is getting late and I have had a very long day!  Until next time....



  1. Those 100th Day crowns are really cute! I am going to your earlier post to grab the template!