Sunday, November 17, 2013

Phoneme Segmenting

Hello all!

I am here today to share with you my phoneme segmenting packs!  I have two that I have just uploaded to my TPT store today and another on the way!

Phoneme segmentation can be such a difficult skill for some students.  To be able to take apart sounds (especially blends) is difficult because it is the opposite of everything we tell them to do when we teach them to read.  Usually we are telling them to put the sounds together, now we are taking them apart?  But alas, it must be taught.  It is so crucial for students to know how to segment so that they can become good writers and spellers (and readers!). 

The two packs that I have currently in my store are my fall and winter packs.  Each contain seasonal pictures of words that the students will practice segmenting.

The first activity in these packs is a Push it, Say it, Sort it activity.  With this, students will look at the picture and think of the word it represents.  Then they will use Elkonin boxes to push and say the sounds (these are all cute and seasonal too!).  Then they will count the number of phonemes that it has and sort it.

With the next activity, students will segment the sounds and color in a circle for each sound in the word.  It is a quick way for teachers to see what a student understands too!

The last activity incorporates a little math!  Students will graph the pictures by the number of sounds.  Then they will answer questions about their graph and the sounds that they heard.

Also included are fluency pages.  Students and teachers can use these pages to track their phoneme segmentation fluency.

You can check them out in more detail by clicking the pictures below.

On a side note, if you are interested in these packs, you may want to check out a blog hop that I am participating in NEXT weekend! *hint*  *hint*

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  1. Jessica,

    Love the new phoneme packs.They look wonderful. I'm so excited that you are going to be part of the hop next weekend. It has been wonderful working with you and I'm so happy that you are joining me!