Wednesday, February 26, 2014

You mean we are having a sale?

I am being just a little sarcastic with my title case you didn't notice! ;)

I think that everyone is so excited about this sale that we are shouting it from the rooftops!!  I have been busy the past few days trying to get everything ready for you.  I hope that you have left feedback on all of your previously purchased items and you have your wishlist ready to go!  It starts in less than 3 hours!!

I figured I would give you a little preview of some of my newest items that I have added to my store.

Who doesn't love some Chunky Monkey?  I think that this is my students' FAVORITE decoding strategy.  I, personally, love when my own little one gets his words mixed up and calls it the hokey pokey instead of the chunky monkey. =)

I just finished putting together a new series of Chunky Monkey flip flaps.  I have posted all of the short vowels.  I will soon be posting nonsense words, long vowels, digraphs, and blends.  Here is a little preview of the short vowels.

The kids can flip to see the first sound and then flap to see the word family chunk!

My students absolutely love these flip flaps.  We put them into our interactive notebooks for independent practice.  We use them during guided reading groups.  And I am currently working on a center in which they are glued to a tri-fold board and students can practice reading them during centers.

I have also added my newest Spring Spot and Jot packs!  These are so cute. Students hunt for sight words in the spring themed pictures and record them in lots of fun ways.  It is a great center!

 And one more: Place Value Puzzles

These puzzles are great practice for students to add/subtract one and add/subtract ten.  They build number sense for students and help them with finding the patterns in the hundreds chart.  While a bit challenging at first, they are truly addicting for your kiddos!!

There ya go!  Some of my newest products ready for your shopping frenzy tomorrow.  That and everything else in my store will be 28% off Thursday and Friday!  Happy SHOPPING!!

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