Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Teachers Helping Teachers Tuesday

It is Teachers Helping Teachers Tuesday of Pay if Forward Giveaway series!!

Each Tuesday, I have been featuring a new teacher on my blog.  I share lots of fun info about that teacher and you will pay it forward by providing fun feedback on 3 of that teacher's products in order to enter the giveaway.  Then, next Tuesday, the featured teacher will pay it forward by providing the prize for the new giveaway!

Today's featured teacher is......

Rachel from Mrs. O Knows!


Let's get to know a little about her:

"I love that my job is different from day to day and year to year. I love that I get to work with 25-30 wonderful students each day. I love that I get to mold their minds and that I will always be a part of their lives, as they will mine. I also love the creativity that my students spark in me. They make me want to be a better teacher every day. I'm constantly learning from the wonderful students that are in front of me each day and growing as a result of our shared learning experiences. Teaching is about growing children, but we grow right along with them and I love that about teaching! "

"I coached cheerleading for many years. I loved the coaching because it was rewarding. I had the best time working with those girls, sharing in their successes at competitions and knowing I was part of the reason that they were smiling when they won. In my mid-20's, I wasn't using my college degrees and was a bit unsure of what I wanted to do. Then, I thought about how much I loved coaching and all of a sudden I knew that I wanted a career that allowed me to make a difference each day. As I began my master's degree in education, I also committed two years to AmeriCorps National Service, and was able to work as an academic coach in inner city schools. Making a difference in the lives of others makes me feel amazing. It's why I started teaching, and what keeps me going 10 years later."

"My reader's response tic-tac-toe boards. They are my best-selling product, but I love them because I created them for my classroom and I've seen their success. I've used them, revised them, used them again, revised them some more, and I now have a solid product that is perfect for reader's response in the classroom. It's filled with choice, which is so important for children, especially when it comes to reading. I'm really proud of this creation."

"For new teachers, and even some of us who have been doing it awhile, it's really important to find a proper balance between teacher time and personal time. Teaching can be overwhelming and you can easily create yourself enough work to last a lifetime, but it's really important to set aside at least an hour a night during the week and one day on the weekend for "you" time. Read a book, watch your favorite TV show, talk with a friend, spend time with your spouse, get out and enjoy life. Teaching is amazing, but it can't be the only thing you do or you will burn out quick and education needs wonderful teachers to stay in this profession."

"I would like to share a set of my favorite product: Reader's Response Tic Tac Toe Boards."


I am so glad you got to meet Rachel!!  Be sure to check back next week so that you can enter to win her Tic Tac Toe boards.

This week's prize is Caitlyn's Chevron Schedule Cards!  Do you remember Caitlyn from last week?  Check out more about her here!


There are a few rules for the giveaway.  Check them out:

In true teacher style, I am going to share with you an EXAMPLES/NOT EXAMPLES chart for feedback!  This chart shows what good feedback really is!

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