Monday, May 4, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Celebration Day 1

This week is teacher appreciation week and I think that it is time to celebrate!

So often, we as teachers feel unappreciated.  We feel disrespected.  We feel as though we are treated as unprofessionals.  It is time to stand up together and be heard!  It is time to show that we are professionals and we deserve the best! 

This week, let's have a huge celebration!  Each day, I plan to hold a different mini celebration. You will have to check back each day to see what my surprise will be!!

Today we will kick it off with some dollar deals!  Each of these items are on sale for only $1 all day today!!

Go check them out!

Of course, tomorrow you can check out EVERYTHING that will be on sale for 28%off!  Be sure to get your wishlist ready!

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