Saturday, August 20, 2016

Year Long Plans

I wanted to share my year long plans with you.  I have had a lot of inspiration from other teacher bloggers when creating these plans.  That is what we do best isn't it?  Share and learn from others?  Perhaps you can gain some ideas from mine as well!

I like to be detailed in my year long planning because it saves me time throughout the school year.  It also helps me get into a routine/pattern.  I think that having an expected routine/pattern helps when teaching Kindergarten.  The consistency that it builds helps our little people to adjust.

My plans are divided by advisory.  We have four advisories.

First advisory:

Second advisory:

Third advisory:

Fourth advisory:

You can see that we use Superkids as our reading curriculum.  I have only paced out Superkids for the first semester.  That allows us to adjust our pacing as needed for the second semester.  I also go above and beyond the Superkids curriculum, so I have included the other phonics skills that I am teaching as well. I include phonemic awareness daily, so that is not included... it is implied.  Those skills include rhyming, segmenting, etc.

The nursery rhyme that I use weekly is for teaching Concept of Word.  If you haven't checked out my Nursery Rhyme products, you definitely need to!!  It includes so many great skills!

The book each week is for our shared reading time.  During this time, we start by reading the story for fun.  Then we do different activities with them for building comprehension and writing skills.  Sometimes we even do a craft with it for fun!

You can also see that the fourth advisory is not complete for sight words and alphabet.  That is because I want to wait and let my kids direct me by that point.  I want to see how they are doing and where we want to go from there!

My hope is to share with you every week throughout the school year so that you can see all of the fun we are having!

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  1. This looks like a very nice way to plan your year. I like the concept and will try it for sure. And good luck with doing whatever you have listed on that planner.