Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hidden Pictures for Number and Letter Recognition

No matter what group of students I have, I always seem to have that one student that just seems so low it is beyond belief.  Do you have this also?  Being a first grade teacher, I expect to have a handful of students that still struggle with some letter sounds and the idea of blending the sounds together.  But this year, I have several students that are still struggling with letter recognition!  One student only knew 3 letters when she walked into my classroom: A, B, and C!  So here goes…I created these to help with this problem.  It is a great way to get the students to review letter recognition and maybe soon I will use it for letter sounds also.  These are hidden pictures for each letter of the alphabet, capital and lower case.  How it works is that you have the student color all of the given letter one color.  The end result should be the letter they have been looking for.  I put the letter they are searching for at the bottom of the page so that they have something to refer to.  As we get better at this, I may cover that part or even just give them the sound and have them find all the letters that make that sound.  You can get a copy ofthese hidden pictures here!


While I was at it, I went ahead and made ones for number recognition too!  These go from 1 – 30!

 Hope you enjoy!

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