Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Word Work Freebies!

Here are some things that I use to try to make word work a little more fun!  First up are my fun writes.  This is a list of all the different, fun ways that my kids are allowed to practice writing their words.  And of course they love to make up their own fun writes too!

Next are my word finders.  My students use these to hunt for their words.  The kids love to look for words and make them fit into their little window!  I also use them a lot in math.  I will give my kiddos a hundreds chart and ask them to find certain numbers (it may be for place value, number recognition, the sum to an addition problem, etc).

To make them, cut out the little window with an exacto knife, laminate them, and glue them to a popsicle stick.  I glued mine to cardstock before laminating to make them sturdier!



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