Wednesday, May 22, 2013

School Supply Orders

So it is the end of the year and I am filling out the never ending paperwork and I have a question of all you lovely teachers out there!  What supply store do you order from?  I have always used School Specialty but we have been encouraged not to use them this year in light of their financial difficulties.  Now I am not sure where to order my supplies from!  I would love some of your insight!!


  1. I hadn't heard of their financial troubles.... Huh? I really like the companies: Really Good Stuff, ETA Hand 2 Mind and Classroom Direct. Hope that helps!!!

    Mind Sparks

    1. Katie,

      Apparently they are in the middle of bankruptcy. My administrators have encouraged us to put in our orders for another company just in case they are no longer in business after this. I am not sure who to look into. Classroom Direct is a sub-company of school specialty. I like Really Good Stuff too. I may order from them or Lakeshore Learning.