Monday, July 8, 2013

Bloggy Brag Board

New idea!  I was thinking that we all need one place where we can brag about ourselves just a little bit!  what do you think?

So here is how it works. Each month I will host a Bloggy Brag Board!  You can look for the monthly board, put up your own "brags," and then link up so that we can all follow!

Here is the July Brag Board:

On the Brag Board there are lots of categories for you to brag about!

1. Products: Brag about a product.  It can be your product, one you just purchased, a great freebie, whatever you like! Think about what you are working on, what is seasonal, what you have just posted, and what is popular!

2. Blog: Brag about what is happening on your blog.  It can be giveaways, linkys, new posts, new buttons, whatever is happening!

3. Pinterest: Brag about great Pinterest finds or show off your Pinterest "re-creations!"

4. Classroom: Brag about your classroom!  (Not like we don't do this ALL the time!)  Here is your chance to brag about things you are doing, things your students are doing, show off their work, or just share something special that happened!

5.  Everything Else: Here you can brag about anything else you like!  It can be something from school, home, the "bloggy world," your personal life, etc!

To add your "brags" just save the picture and open it in an editing program (photoshop, pixlr, powerpoint, etc).  Add your text and then save the entire image and upload to your blog.

So here is my July Brag Board!

I finally finished my Number Sense Pack!  It is 450 pages of number cards, sorts, posters, workmats, and worksheets!  It includes numbers, number words, ten frames, tally marks, base ten blocks, tens and ones, money, addition, subtraction, and more!  It is great for students to explore the relationships between different sets of numbers, finding matches, and making comparisons!

I would love for you guys to check it out!

I have been hosting a weekly Pin it to Win it giveaway.  This week it is going great!  If you haven't already entered, be sure to do so below!  You will get a chance to win that Number Sense Pack I was talking about! ;)
Pinterest is EXPLODING with pins about classroom organization and decor! Everyone is thinking about Back to School ALREADY!  I thought I would share two of my favorites that I have found this week.

This first one is for organizing a classroom store.  I don't really do a class store, just a treasure box, but I like the way this is organized.  I don't know about you, but it takes my first grades FOREVER to pick out their prize from the treasure box.  It gets so frustrating that I don't do treasure box nearly as often as I should. I am thinking that organizing the treasure box like this would help them to make their choice quicker.  No more digging around for 10 minutes only to go back to the first thing they picked up!

The second pin was for white boards.  I use white boards in my classroom constantly!!  I also laminate card stock to create white board activities, so I am always on the lookout for ways to make this an easier and more organized task.  At the moment, we have been using pieces of felt as our erasers.  These work, but I have noticed that it leaves my kids' fingers black when they are done.  I found this pin that is using Dollar Store facial cleansers as erasers.  How cool is that?  I love the Dollar Store!

I am about to start my first classroom decor set.  I am thinking monkeys and polka dots.  I love the safari themes that some people do, but most of the ones that I find have a lot of greens and browns.  I want something that is bright and fun to go with my monkeys!  I will keep you updated with how it goes!

Everything Else!:
I have three boys and my middle son is about to start Kindergarten.  We have been "preparing" for it the past few days and it just amazes me how big he is!  Where did the time go?  It breaks my heart to think about how quickly the time is passing and how quickly they are growing up!

So, that is my Bloggy Brag Board.  What do you think?  I hope that you will love it and link up!!


  1. I also adore monkeys and the jungle theme! I am looking forward to your classroom decor using monkeys and polka dots! :)

  2. I just linked up and shared about your Bloggy Brag Board on the TpT forum. I can't wait to read what everyone has been up to and see how much they have accomplished over the last month!