Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Top 3 Teacher Must-Haves with a Giveaway!

We are back for giveaway number 2!!  Today's giveaway is all about those things that every teacher cannot live without.  I wanted to think of some fun things besides our ever loving flair pens and post it notes.  We all know that you have drawers full of these.  But what are some other "must haves" for your classroom?

These wonderful books come from Really Good Stuff.  These are the first thing on my purchase order every year.  I order one for each student in my class. They can use them to find common words to help with their writing.  There is also space for adding their own words.  When they don't know how to spell a word, my students know that they are to figure out what the first letter would be and bring their book to me opened to that page.  Then I can write it correctly in their book for them.  I currently have one student that loves to write about his trips to the aquarium.  The word aquarium has been in his book since October and it is his go-to word!  It saves me so much time spelling it over and over for him.  Definitely a time saver and great for organizing for the kids!

Every teacher needs a sturdy teacher notebook.  This notebook actually had to be replaced this year because it is so worn!  It holds all of my students' contact information, important notes about students, assessment data, my calendar, parent conference notes, EVERYTHING!  It goes with me to every meeting so that I can refer to information about any student at any moment.

My students love anything and everything dry erase!!  It is amazing how giving a student a dry erase
marker makes a worksheet become fun! haha

We use dry erase boards (mine are not this fancy, just shower board with duct tape around the edges).  We use dry erase sleeves.
We use card stock laminated so that it becomes dry erase!

My kids have a "fun folder" full of dry erase materials that they can do throughout the week when they have finished their other work.

We also use their dry erase sleeves for tons of centers.  I love being able to change out my centers so easily.  And I don't have to make 100 copies of my recording pages.  Definitely saves time, paper, and energy!

I would love to hear what your 3 must haves are!!

Be sure to check out other must haves as you hop along.  Follow everyone's blog and enter the giveaway as you go!  You might be able to win a $20 Amazon card so that you can collect some of these must haves for yourself!

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  1. So true that being able to use a dry erase marker on a worksheet can make it fun! Love using those in my room too!

    Reading Toward the Stars

  2. Oh dry erase markers! They are like magic! :) My kids love to use them. I need to get better about using the sleeves though.
    Curious Firsties

  3. I have the sleeves and haven't used them much. Now I am inspired to get them out and give them some attention!

  4. The sleeves are definitely worth it! I have put ten frames and number lines in them for addition. I have put handwriting paper in them for dictation. I have put cross out games and bingo games in them so they can easily wipe it clean and play again. Also great for when a volunteer comes in to work with a student. And for you to use when doing a quick fluency check. :-) Maybe I should write a post about the possibilities!