Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Trading Spaces Tuesday

Hi!  It 's Andrea from Reading Toward the Stars!

It is another edition of Trading Spaces Tuesday, and I am excited to be hanging out with Jessica, a fellow Virginia blogger, from Hanging Out in First!

Not too long ago, I was reading a book with a funny word in it, and I had to laugh ~ logographic print.  What is that?  It is just a fancy word for environmental print.  Some of the first reading that children do is from the world around them.  I remember the first time my son realized what was around him.  He saw a sign for Hardee's and said "Eat some!"  He was only 18 months old, but he knew that the sign meant it was a place to eat.  Wow!  Children are such sponges.

When my kindergarteners come to me, many of them have not been to preschool nor have they seen words at all.  BUT, they have seen the world around them. How many kids know what the "golden arches" mean?  They all know it means McDonald's, right?!  When we go to Target, they know that the bullseye means Target.  It is amazing how much children know!

Therefore, it is important that we build on our students' knowledge as we get them.  By using logographic print (I love that word!), we can build up students' confidence.  This helps them to feel comfortable with reading as they progress.

So, as I start out my year with my kindergarteners and first graders, I  have created and played two games to help with environmental print.  One is called "Where Shall We Eat?" which focuses on restaurants.  The other is "Shop 'Til You Drop" and focuses on places to shop.  The games include the game boards and cards.  For "Shop 'Til You Drop" you may want to print two copies of the cards or just reuse the cards.

And for stopping by, you can grab it for free.  My students had a lot of fun playing it too!  Just click on the image below to grab your copy!

Thank you, Jessica, for letting me "hang out" with you today!  Em from Curious Firsties is back at my blog today with some fun information on helping students understand they are writers through writing celebrations.

Also, don't forget to head over to Adventures in Literacy Land to meet four of the authors and enter for your prize pack!  You don't want to miss it!

Adventures in Literacy Land

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