Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Blogging Challenge and more

Today I am starting a new blogging challenge.  I am going to "attempt" to write on this ol' blog here every day for the entire month of July!  Do you think I can do it?  hmmm... I am going to try!

Michelle over at Big Time Literacy is hosting this challenge for her bloggy birthday.  If you want to participate too, just hop over and link up!

Today's topic, is why am I blogging?  I started blogging as a way to boost my TPT store and share some fun ideas with you.  However, I can say that this blogging adventure has become so much more than that.  It has become a way to build friendships.  It has become a way to share resources and ideas.  It has become a way to create experiences with new colleagues.  The collaboration that has occurred through this process has been a greater experience than I ever could have hoped for!

To keep on with the collaboration, I invite you to share some ways that you set up your classroom library.  This has been my summer project and I am really going all "gung ho" with it!  I will be posting over at Adventures in Literacy Land soon to share with you lots of my ideas and my process.  I would love to hear some of your own ideas though!


  1. So glad you could link up and you can *totally* do 31 days of writing! :-)

    My middle school classroom library was always organized by genre/topics/authors. I numbered the baskets and shelves so kids could easily return books...or the kids in detention could easily resort them :-) Perhaps as a first grade teacher you don't have many kids in detention, but you could always have the older kids do volunteer hours every other week helping you keep things organized.
    Just an idea :-)

    Looking forward to reading more blogs from you this month!

  2. I used to level my library by genre/ topic/ author/ character. The last year I had my library up, it was suggested that the whole building level our library. So, part of the library was leveled. I would not suggest that. The kids can't find the books they are looking for, and I don't like them considering themselves a letter.