Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Teachers Helping Teachers Tuesday!

Today is the first week of my new Pay it Forward Tuesday series!

Each Tuesday, I will be featuring a new teacher on my blog.  I will share lots of fun info about that teacher and you will pay it forward by providing fun feedback on 3 of that teacher's products in order to enter the giveaway.  Then, next Tuesday, the featured teacher will pay it forward by providing the prize for the new giveaway!

Today's featured teacher is......

Sebrina Burke of Burke's Special Kids!
Burke's Special Kids

Let's get to know a little about her:

"I love many aspects about teaching. I find that the challenge of continually learning ways to help students of all levels find success, whether it is baby steps or milestones, keeps me energized in the classroom. Everyday I grow and learn alongside my students. Despite the fact my students have personal struggles, they come to school ready to learn and give their all. My students inspire me to be the best I can be. 

No other field provides opportunities for collaboration like teaching. Teachers are an amazing source of knowledge and inspiration. Working together we can meet the challenges today's students face."

"I wanted the opportunity to have my hand on the pulse of the future. I considered being an attorney for family law, but felt teaching gave me a more direct way to have a positive impact on children growing up in today's society. Many students have troubled or unstable home lives, but when they come to school they have a safe place to learn and grow in my classroom. I hope to make a difference in the life of students I teach. As adults, I want them to have a secure and positive place in society."

"Currently the favorite item I have in my store is the Four Square Math Word Problems. I developed this out of the need to increase my students' understanding of real world math concepts. In addition, so many of today's standardized tests focus on student ability to comprehend and solve math word problems. This product engages students in small groups, and focuses on collaboration and math discussion. Students develop and solve word problems, with each member of the team playing a role. Key words and pictorial representations are utilized. This product is easy to differentiate and includes a visual lesson for the teacher to use in small or whole group to support students who struggle."




"Being organized allows you to focus on student needs in the classroom. Part of the process of being organized includes daily reflection..what worked, what didn't. Don't be afraid to adjust lesson plans based on what your students teach you that day!"

"Phonemic Awareness Treats is currently my best selling product. It targets the areas of phoneme segmentation, initial phoneme matching and isolation, and rhyme recognition. Mastering these skills is important for early literacy success. There are 23 pages that include printables and three activities that can be used for instruction or literacy stations. Warm Up With a Taste of Rhymes has students matching visual cues on marshmallows to the picture on their mug. In Tasty Sound Sort, students sort colorful cupcakes with pictures by the beginning sound. The final activity is Initial Sound Bingo and features colorful animals that represent the sounds. Answer keys are included. This product is appropriate for homeschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten and first grade. Any student who struggles or is learning phonemic awareness skills would enjoy and benefit from this product."



 So that is all about Sebrina!!  Be sure to check back next week so that you can enter to win her Phonemic Awareness Treats!

Since this is our first week, I will be offering one of my own products as the prize for today's giveaway!  I will be giving away my Tattling Vs. Telling Pack, perfect for the first week of school!

There are a few rules for the giveaway.  Check them out:

In true teacher style, I am going to share with you an EXAMPLES/NOT EXAMPLES chart for feedback!  This chart shows what good feedback really is!

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  1. I love the idea of paying it forward for other teachers! Thank you for all your work organizing this!
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